Lamar Band Background check helpful hints

  • To volunteer at Lamar Band, you must have a current, cleared background check on file with LISD. And it takes approximately 3 weeks to be approved.

  • There are 2 different ways to apply, with a Social Security Number and without.  If the volunteer applies using the “Without Social” application, it will delay the approval process.

  • Please remember that a volunteer application is good for 3 school years.  Any volunteer who applied during the 2011-2012 school year will no longer be approved after October 1, 2014.

  • They may reapply at any time to prevent their name from being removed from the approved list.

  • If you haven’t yet submitted a background check, go to: www.lisd.net.

  • Click on the “Parents” drop-down menu, then scroll down and click on “Volunteer.”

  • You’ll find directions and a link to the form on that page.

  • You will want to follow along with the LISD instructions, but these additional tips will help:

  • *To start, find the “login” and then refer to LISD instructions as you work from there.

  • *Note Step 4: you may enter N/A in the education fields, and 0 in the GPA fields.

  • (You must enter something to move on.)

IMPORTANT: Once you have completed the entire form and submitted it, PLEASE send an email to our VP2, Steve Johnson at vp2@lamarmsband.org and let him know the date you completed the form, the exact name you used on the form, and your zip code.

If you have any further questions please contact Steve Johnson at vp2@lamarmsband.org