The Band

The band’s purpose is not only to serve the school and community through marching in parades and playing at football games, thus providing entertainment and enhancing school and community spirit, but also to furnish the student with an invaluable experience. The disciplines of a good band are similar to those acquired in athletics. Both develop coordination, cooperation, teamwork and self-discipline to a degree not possible in academic subjects. The band is no haven for a lazy student. It demands and develops concentration essential to success in any subject or endeavor.


The Booster Club

The club was formed to promote these Purposes and partners with the Lamar MS Band Director to realize them.

To provide all possible support, both moral and financial to the LMS Band program; to assure no child is denied the ability to participate due to financial hardship.

To promote and maintain community interest in the LMS Band program.

To develop and implement revenue-making projects to supplement the financial well-being of the LMS Band program.

The club commits itself to cooperate with school officials for both building and maintaining a band program based on excellence. To promote general activities pertaining to the band in accordance with UIL Guidelines as well as District Policy for Booster Clubs, taking precaution not to interfere with the curriculum and direction of LMS Band Directors.